Hybrid car windshield wiper blade PBT material for the whole frame silicone nature rubber refill new vision(CL719-N)

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  Product Description

  1. best selling soft automotive windshield wipers

  2. Good wiping performance at high speeds

  3. Applicable for climates worldwide

  4. Replaceable rubber strip

  5.  Constantly wiper with no noise. 

  6.  Applicable for climates worldwide. 

  7. Replaceable rubber strip. 

  8.  With high and low temperature resistance and cold resistance performance. 

  9.  Advanced curvature design: The wiper blades are precisely tailored to the curvature of the windscreen for optimum effectiveness which provides a safety guarantee. 

  10.  Advanced rubber technology: The new rubber material can ensure the super wiper performance which can prolong the life of blade. 

  11.  Pre-mounted adapter: The complete new universal adapter can let you change wiper blade in seconds and the new type can avoid loosen of the connector.

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